MUC reboot ;)

ITS BEEN A WHILE – Last evening the fabulous Kate T came over for her baptism by fire and introduction to make-up Club.

We had a vague idea about flash gels blue/red, a rack of wardrobe and a whole heap of wigs, Kate picked her outfit (Me (& Luke) insisted on the blonde wig) and she become foreign film post modern Femme fatale, well that’s how I see it. Planning and fabrications for the next one but it feels good to wear more make-up then a drag queen, throw feathers, wiggle sparklers and wake up to carnage in the kitchen, still with a full face of MU woops.  I enjoyed strutting like a tart in front of the camera too, these are my fav of Kate.

Model  – Kate Thompson
Art Direction – Karen Penman
Photographer  – Greg Kitten

P1030741 - edit - smallP1030759 - edit - smallP1030732 - edit - smallP1030749 - edit - small

Next MUC tentatively gonna be a black and white Cecil Beaton effort and Mrs Maraj’s (now she has had her lushous little man) is bringing her beautiful face and MU skills for more MUC funsies, pumped BOOM.

MUC reboot ;)

Haunting Mermaid


I really enjoyed the fabrication with the head dress last week, so decided to sculpt but instead of adding the prosthetic to the face, I’ve made fins.

Sculpted in clay, cast in gelatin, reinforced with wire for mounting on head, liquid latex and extra gelatine flashing.  I’m hoping to keep the skin translucency in the photos.

tumblr_inline_nidnzy9uhm1qbxwj4Also cast lost of variations on eyebrows, had envisaged then as coral but having painted with my AA Temptu Pro Trauma kit (great blood and bruise colours) It all looks a little more horror film, but this I kinda like.  I’m thinking red wig, over head shot submerged in the bath but we shall see.

I knew for this I was more concerned with getting the ‘look’ and I love love love these images, no one was convinced by the gills but I could see it ethereal in my head and it worked.  The warmth of the water melted the fins but it was worth it, all grinny to be creating creatures 🙂

Haunting Mermaid