T just because

Got stuck with Boxhead so decided to make T and Eris still a WIP, Eris has her wires cut and bound but I need to epoxy and dress her, she is currently only a head – T needs finishing.

T armature WIP 4

The idea was to make them look as similar to my comic doodles as poss, pen colour and fine liner edge like borderlands cosplay cell shading.  I covered all the fabric for his outfit in latex and once dried just coloured him in, loving the Spectrum Noir pens they draw on tons of tings.

T armature WIP 2T armature WIP 1

I even made him a backpack with his own T + Eris print using the MOO stickers I order with the comic doodles on.  I know him, so I just made the outfit up on the fly and it was a happy unplanned process, I guess his like the doodles.  His an armature doodled 🙂

T armature WIP 3

T just because

Eris and T on CasinoDaddy

In other news, Nathan who stumbled across the ‘Lessa-fucking-Go’ Casinodaddy doodle of T and Eris, posted a link to the boys while they were streaming on Twitch and they saw, smiled and laughed at T’s ‘Full Degen’ cap.  It was cool, I’m gonna message them and see if they want to use the image for their T-shirt site, just need to fix the lettering first.

Lessago - Casino Daddy frame small rgb

Screenshot 2017-06-27 09.57.32.png

Made me a little less shy about sharing doodles.

Eris and T on CasinoDaddy