So I’ve made his/her armature, for a picture ABC book I wanted to make for my sisters twins, for Christmas.  It’s weird because when I was little I was really upset by the four faced people in Never Ending Story.  I don’t remember this but my mum must have told me at some point, I must have made a fuss and gotten upset.  Boxhead is from an idea from a while ago based of a single image of an ice cream cone melting in someones back pocket, I guess working off the notion of trying to keep things you can’t.  Turns out four faces still scare me and I like the odd but it is quite possible this little dude is too much for the picture book for Lexie and Cadence.


With no real idea of were to go next with this, I made Eris and T’s heads and have started their armatures for no real reason other than I enjoy the process, sitting at my workbench making them.  Boxhead’s face was borrowed for them, so I guess its only fair they borrowed it back.  Hoping to refine and get better at the process.

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