Eris & T

I’m having a play with the idea of creating a fumetti, which is a photo comic  – ordinarily that sounds pretty lame but I want to photograph armatures in a 3D environment.  This means I can build bigger characters, without needing to worry about the scale of the set.

I kinda fell over the idea of having Eris and Mr T Rundle (from my novel I’ve been writing for forever) as brother and sister.  They are both immortal so can take on any age, in the novel they are both over 65, for the comic I picture them as jaded 30 somethings.  I’m not a natural sketcher but I bought myself some Spectrum Noir markers and I’ve been playing dress up with Eris, she’s the girl that brings the fire.  Her face is borrowed from a character that’s been sat in a folder for a while (The box head boy) and I’m less shy about sharing the doodles now so MEET ERIS.


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