Mesh modelling, textures and the Node editor – WK2

I’m totally enjoying myself and becoming a little obsessive for playing on Blender and watching Teen Wolf, Season 3 part 2 Buffy-esque and awesome.  It takes me a few attempts to master anything at present, three for the bed, two for the chair, one for the chest of drawers.

So I’ve been doing my tutorials the “Fundamentals” Basics of Blender, Mesh Modelling, Texturing and I’ve started shading.  It’s a lot to take in but I’m making notes and picking up terminology.  I have got the hang of the basic tools and have started making furniture for the game, it’s a struggle between keeping the poly count down and making something interesting.  Not sure anything at this point will actually make it into the game, more a place holder, I’ve placed them in the environment in unreal but at this point everything’s a work in progress.

I have a stack of mock papers that I have been putting off marking that I need to tackle tomorrow before more tutorials BOOOOO, grumpy because I don’t wanna *stamps feet* but not doing it, isn’t getting it done.  Need more tutorials before I model more really.


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