Blender Tutorials – CG Cookies

The New Years res for 2017 is to make a video game 🙂  We have the idea, I have scheduled, planned, mapped, designed and we have built and textured the inside environment.  Bobby is currently animating doors and creating the dynamic lighting and I’m trying to learn Blender to be able to model the assets.

Efforts so far below – a modified cube (gotta start somewhere) a chair, another chair, cardboard box and (a play with all the tools and no consideration for ngons and poly counts) a flower.  I’m liking it so far, I love the workflow, videos and getting XP.  It’s like learning another language but it’s pretty cool as my brain is buzzing for other applications 3D animations or 3D printing.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to be able to do, so I will chart my progress here.



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