Skull Latex Prosthetic – Two looks


I was showing Kate how to sculpt and cast for work and made this skull mask to demo with. Poured it twice and had a play with two different looks, a sugar Skull and a Post apocalyptic Warrior.

Post apocalyptic Warrior (direction given to Gregs for photos was velociraptor in female form, I’m not sure he thought that was helpful 🙂 Latex prosthetics painted with acrylic gun metal, black and highlights with gold antiquing, dead happy with the metal look. Black scerla lenses also helped the look and this one could be a halloween costume out, as I separate the bottom jaw, unlike the Sugar Skull, so this was more comfortable to wear.  This was the originally intended idea and I’m really satisfied with the results, it’s a reuse of the hair piece I made for the Drag app and the foam heat moulded head dress as a collar (a smart student suggestion) from the extreme contouring and Medusa apps. Feeling all foam inspired so may try sculpting a wig next week.




Latex poured with glitter for iridescence, will attempted this again with coloured latex, dusting the mold first and will have a little play / experimentation with next sculpt/old sculpt. Latex prosthetic painted with a matt and metallic acrylics, Snazaroo bones on hands, my hair and ponies for head piece. Greg Kitten come over to photograph and considering this was an add to the original MU idea, I’m happy with the Sugar Skull Prosthetic app.

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