Halloween Make up

tumblr_inline_nedtq6lffm1qbxwj4 Our haunted house was asylum themed so meet – The DR and the Nurse, welcome.  Bobby’s mouth was homage to AHS Freak Show Clown, first time I’ve poured in latex. What I learnt; it takes a while to dry and works better as a skin and not a solid. First pour the lip wasn’t dry so I lost the detail, second try was a better prosthetic and for an after thought MU, it was actually my favourite. (Note to self paint his whole mouth not just around the prosthetic)

Invested in some sclera black out lenses and now I have the hang of putting them in without too much bother, they are pretty comfy to wear, not sure they photograph as well as I would like, but I’m gonna invest in another pair, perhaps reds.

Also as a halloween treat bought a silicon wolf snout from Neil Gorton Millennium FX. To see what a silicon prosthetic feels like, see how the thin flashing works and have a go at an application.

It was pretty simple to apply and the AA spray to brush away the flashing worked beautiful and the initial application was pretty sweet and the edges just blended away. The problem came when I tried to colour make the prosthetic to my skin. I decided to use minimal paint on the silicon but adding to match my tone to the nose, the foundation didn’t take to the edges that well and over working them made it messy. Gonna ask for a new airbrush for Christmas and next time would do a full face airbrush. Super pleased with bobby’s MU and happy to have had a go with the prosthetic, made me wanna complete a sculpt each week and I wanna have a play with the latex and custom vinyl toys.


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