Its been a horribly long time since my last post, no excuses – I’ve been rubbish but life as always is hectic.  Feeling inspired and bursting to wanna play, IMATS as always was wicked good. Spent too much, learnt some neat tricks and got all fan girl for Tate from FACEOFF, that show made me think I could give it a go and Tate was always one of my favs, so it was neato to see him create in person.


YES that’s me grinning like a 6 year old at Christmas, I don’t really get starstuck so this took me by surprise, Me and the ever so talented Mr Tate Steinsiek.

Tate’s creature – I like the coloured hair spray tip for situations when you’ve got no plug for the airbrush and I’m gonna do a beauty MU and play with the alignate cracking texture over the neck and shoulders.

My IMATS haul

13 Stargazer AA semi permanent Tattoo pens (with stencils) AA paints in pens to scribble on faces with.
Kryloan Bright eye shadow colour pallette (Gotta love Sabah she asked me which I would wear as eyeshadows, none unless it’s drag 🙂 gonna use to blend instead of snazroos for editorial looks,
Paper cut false eyelashes, Paris Berlin lashes,
Stipple sponge and wrinkle stipple for realistic old age effects
Thick Blood and Nose and scar wax to replace in kit
Bloody Mary Zombie wheel, just casue
Facelace Mini Swirlyqueue and face splats
Right now it’s time to ’let that which does not matter truly slide’ and get creative.


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