Zack as a Vampire Noel Fielding (as it turns out)

I’m always boring the techies at work with MUC photos, Zack whose last week it is 😦 requested a make up and finally plumped for the Vampire brow.  That was easily as it meant I didn’t have to sculpt anything and just cast in gelatin old mold, dead happy with the results.

May be teaching on the SFX make up course next year 🙂 dead excited – Bumped into my boss with my kit case in the corridor and explained making up Zack, she said it could be my interview, she was joking but PRESSURE.  Took Lan’s advice from IMATS and just approached it with confidence, Cathy observed and I explained the process and felt really comfortable.  MUC tonight – The invention test, I’m freestyling – LIFE IS SWEET, a happy k 🙂

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