My first custom Munny

munny1A Hedgehog, I think I shall call him Prick 🙂  We turned it into a competition and that was all the motivation I needed to finally DIY a munny.  He isn’t finished, I have cut out the back of his head and when I track some down, he will be planted up with alpine sempervivum and be super spiky.

I sculpted in clay, with dollfie eyes – a face, hands and toes.  I cast in gelatin, covered in liquid latex and green grass fibres – He was a quick make and came together as a happy accident, others entries to be posted shortly 🙂

I was reusing old gelatin it was less running and meant I had to recast the face twice as the nose didn’t fill properly.  Hedgehogs face remelting in the bowl for second attempt, hands and feet cast with new gelatin hence the shine.

I’m thinking I wanna do a lion too with some sort of spider plant for his mane.

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