IMATS 2013 was EPIC

All IMATS 2013 photos on pinterest board here

So content, happy and inspired – Motivated to start designing the creature suit and prosthetics for Jam for The Demeanor Project – exciting time.  Got some wicked tips from The Millennium FX demo, feeling more confident.  I wish I had get a weekend ticket as run out of time and didn’t get to see the Make up Museum would be gutted but we had such a wicked day, there is always next year.

I Finally got to buy

  • Creature Foam Latex from Moldlife (Want to use for the feet and hands of the creature suit)
  • Monster Makers 5lb clay (again for sculpting feet and hands)
  • Temptu Pro Trauma 8 Pack Dura kit for airbrushing (Black, Prime Blue, Prime Yellow, Prime Red, Blood, White, Green, Bruise, Old Bruise, Dried Blood) 
  • Ben Nye Liquiset Mixing Liquid (For thinning down the Ben Nye Magicolour Black and white Liquid paints)
  • PLUS just for fun Stargazer pastel purple hair dye and Stargazer Neon Colour Orange UV face/body paint

Highlights of the day included Lan Nguyen presented by Charles Fox for Kryolan, Creative Director for my Make Up is Art book Roo and Gregs got me for my Birthday. She was honest, passionate, bold and experimental, so I obviously thought she was magic.  What I liked about her most was she made it very accessible and that she used beauty and SFX products to create an Avant-Garde high fashion look.


Kevin James Bennett was a sweetie and I scribbled notes frantically for his Kit Focus: The Essentials.  The main thing I took from his talk was don’t buy lots of colour if you can mix them from a few colours.  Also Colour make up is essentially the same thing in different formats gels, powders or crèmes, so if you use make up blend you can make an eye shadow a lip gloss or a blusher.  I guess people get bogged down in ‘looking professional’ and having everything and his over riding message I felt was mix your own palettes and not a big kit but an efficient kit.

My favourite Master Class of the day was Millenium FX Secrets of Creature Suits with Karen Spencer and Kate Walshe, it was less about making and more about application but this in it’s self was super helpful.  Picked up a lot of neat tricks, bean bag balls for padding on interior suit, Yaks hair for fur and air bed pumps to cool your actors.  The stories from the creature suit performers were really insightful and I grinned solidly for the hour like a six year old, concluding these guys have the best of jobs.

This time six months again I knew very little about SFX make up and IMATS really bought home how much we have learned – methods, techniques, products etc  I feel like a little sponge just wanting to take it all in and truly that’s the best feeling, I love it when I wanna learn.

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