More Screen printing

What I have learned  – 1. This was overly ambitious but I can now match panels, so can print big and I’m not scared of using more colours and more screens.  2. Printing on fabric is a bastard, it stretches and depending on the texture doesn’t always give a clean print.

I think the challenge now is to work out the simplest way, next up I’m going to print the D20 RP design, I want it to be a marbled 4/5 colour print, so one simple A4 screen but playing with the paint.  Adam has requested a poster print of the scrabble design for teaching me the ropes, so I will print off 2 or 3 on paper before the screens are cleaned and gone FOREVER, it lasts a little longer than the SFX make up but only just.

Ok so I’m a messer upper, so it doubtful I was ever gonna manage 64 separate prints without a few fuck ups.  I miss aligned the orange on two, the blue on one and the over lay top black for dumb words could have been bolder BUT wicked learning curve.  I love them because they are my first prints and perfection is over rated.  Managed to print off 3 of the 4 coloured screens.  Exposed the remaining 2 screens, not all the prints lined up great but Adam insists that part of the charm and I do agree, was just annoyed it’s the good word print I keep making all the mistakes on but you know what they say Mistake prove you are trying and me I’m very trying 😉

Loving the border, we added it just as a guide for lining up but it’s my favourite thing about the print at the minute.

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