Medellis, last year, said we should do some screening printing, once the students finished.  I got *excited*, planned an idea and then (what with the building refurb) we didn’t get a chance.  This week = AWESOME – I FINALLY GOT TO make a start. (Poor Adam)

tumblr_inline_nica6j2p8h1qbxwj4So I don’t know what I’m doing but I knew I needed 5 colours, so five/six screens (as two different word designs).  I was told this was a little ambitious for a first attempt but if it’s easy, it ain’t worth doing 😉  And so it begins.

It took us 3 attempts to scale up the design, split for the acetate and two lots of acetate before we (Adam) got it right.  Today I stuck the acetate sheets together (with help) ready for screens.  Adam no longer feels the need to disguise his heavy sigh, when I appear with a grin at the technicians office.  It was agreed I needed 6 screen but it has now been decided, it needs splitting – so that’s 12 screen.

EPIC, this will be the screen print to end all other screen prints.  I’m nothing if not challenging 🙂

I FINALLY got to screen print today, Adam was a complete sweetie showing me the process and we got kicked out by premises, that never usually happens.  I’m charting the process on Pinterest, stage by stage.

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