The first rule of make up club is…. *kidding*

tumblr_inline_nic64f0qig1qbxwj4So Kate come over with her kit and so it began.

We had planned to do a make up each but these things take time, she made me up Anime style and it was a sterling first attempt.  The photos really don’t do it justice and it’s a shame it was a Wednesday night and I couldn’t rock the look out at the pub.

Used pale pan stick base, liquid liner, white pan cake, scar wax to hid eyebrows, lip liner & gloss, blush, eyeshadow for contouring face, hella big false eyelashes top and bottom and blackout contacts.  All things considered it was actually really comfortable to wear and next time I’m making up Kate – tumblr_inline_nic6431kkx1qbxwj4

Styling By Kate Maraj (For a change, I just did as I was told)

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