Laces for blending edges

tumblr_inline_nic5xku03h1qbxwj4I’ve been busy with other stuff and things 😉 but finally got round to applying the gelatine laces, blending is hard, I managed a good job in places but I need more patience.  I’m going to sculpt one more piece (Vampire brow) and mold in gelatine and then have a go at foam latex.

I pre-painted the prosthetic, as I figured it would be too awkward once applied.  The gelatine isn’t a good colour match to my skin but should have mixed the skin illustrator flesh tone to match better.  The molded lace holes had bubbles so the eyelets were slightly holey.  It’s all just one big learning curve.

May attempt this again on leg with heated witch hazel to dissolve but I think I just need to sculpt a better tapered edge and leave flashing.

Inspired by the painted version below, Ive quick sculpted a rough arm version, to be molded twice in gelatin, for blending off the edges.  I have cast in Crystacal and will mold tomorrow 🙂

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