It wasn’t an unmitigated disaster

Ttumblr_inline_nic4gjggc01qbxwj4he thing I was worried about did happen, ed doesn’t have any weight to him, so I need to clamp the rope tighter to flatten the gelatine out.  I also reckon pouring it in isn’t going to work for this type of mould, want to try and brush next time.  Checked a few tutorials and gelatine is ready when stringy and you only have a minute working time – It needs to be strapped or weighted down, this I need to do better for the next attempt.  Going to borrow the counterbalance weight from work, I use for the boom arm chroma key tripod, that will be fun to lug home. TAKE TWO.  Dead scared I fucked it up  – I proper panicked as I just jumped in as usual.  I was just melting the gelatin on the hob, over the double burner, when I realised I hadn’t covered ed and the cast in petroleum jelly, that threw me.  I think I made a mess of the cast, as I was running up and down stairs looking for stuff, making sure the gelatin didn’t boil. Alas it’s in the fridge now.
tumblr_inline_nic4ihwzjy1qbxwj4Gelatin didn’t stay runny for as long as I would have expected and was a little stringy, might need to heat more.  Reckon I’m gonna have to invest in a microwave finally – For nothing other then melting gelatine and popping popcorn 🙂  The guide said leave 4 hours in the fridge, I reckon it will be set in 2, if the tester piece is anything to go by, but I will be patient ha prob not FINGERS CROSSED.
Used Crystacal R Plaster 100/33 mix in two batches to make the mold – see below.  Had a few bubbles in the mold but not a massive issue for a zombie sculpt, cleaned the clay with toothpicks, Witch Hazel & a toothbrush + put it in the fridge to get rid of last little bits, teeth and nose ridge tricky but for a first try I’m happy, now for gelatin 🙂

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