Zombie Sculpt for Tel

tumblr_inline_nic42apyfz1qbxwj4I have laid the basic shapes down and it needs cleaning and tidying up, but happy with the ripped jaw teeth and the bit off nose, the zombie bite and scratch need a little work. I have to buy me some spirit gum and a Ben Nye death wheel now I guess (I really want the Skin illustrator zombie palette but that’s crazy lots of cash)

Sculpt from silicon free plasticine TIME: 2 hours (but I was watching The Hurt Locker too – Side note Bigelow rules and I loved it)tumblr_inline_nic42mrb3n1qbxwj4

I’m casting Jam’s face and scar in a few weeks, so I might have a bash at a mold for this sculpt and then casting in gelatine first.

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