Two molds made and cast and I’m dead happy.

tumblr_inline_nic1l4x01p1qbxwj4My head in a bucket – Creepy right 🙂

My dad (whose an absolute dude) let me have a go casting him, I panicked a bit (Alginate dry time) and it ripped on his beard.  He then cast me so I knew how it felt, he made a great mold but had a lack of concern for my ability to breathe, epic fail SEE VIDEO POST BELOW.


Things I found out, 4 minutes IS enough time and the process is actually pretty cool – I enjoyed getting cast (even though pa closed my air hole TWICE), 200 grams of alginate will do for a face, putting the water in the fridge helps and I need to buy smaller gloves or do without.  Plaster under my finger nails and alginate stuck in my hair but content waiting for the plaster casts to dry.

Jam has promised to be my next victim, so I will film and upload a how to video, when we get round to that *big smiles*

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