Happy 2013 – Last year me and Archard made a gig pact as a NYR, at least one a month – We didn’t break it and it was the best NYR I ever made.  In that spirit, 2013 is going to be all about Prosthetic Make-up 🙂

I asked for an airbrush for Christmas and the goal is by 2014 to have mastered airbrushing, life casting, sculpting, mold making (gelatine, form latex and silicon) application and fabrication.

I will post as I go, hopefully once a week

First Project for airbrushing Tiger head hat (It started as an RP joke but now I’m quite attached to it and wanna finish for the Summer Short (part of the Demeanor project) and for either Bestival or Secret Garden Party next year)

TIGER HEAD HAT – Made from paper mache, covered with tissue and liquid latex for texture, painted with acrylics as a guide for markings for airbrushing.

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