Hide and Seek at the Strongroom

tumblr_inline_ni8okctqha1qbxwj4This Saturday was spent recording Noah (James Gardner) & Little Noah (Jacob Gardner) at Air Studios in Shoreditch joined by Rach, Josh, Jenny & Rob and we had a blast.

Jake was a complete pro and blew us away and Jam was pretty awesome too.

We loved burgers the size of our heads, impromptu hide and seek and the indepth explanation of the rules, arranging salt and pepper, piggy backs, forgetting to push the button and trying to talk through the glass with flailing arms, Autumn the puppy dog & littlenobody in wire, sounding like an Australian, the asleep in the back feeling, the excitement of the tube, lovely ladies in the window, waving at strangers and Here …….. I ……….. come.

We ended the day with happy hearts and contented smiles.

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