Last 12 of Virgin Media Shorts comp

tumblr_inline_ni8nb5mdmq1qbxwj4What Cassandra saw has been colour graded, sound sorted, BBFC certified and transferred onto 35mm film to be screened at over 212 cinemas for the next year, I’m also told it can be obtained from Virgin on demand and bought off the telly.  Liam and I are all big grins and wide eyes and as always I’m asking pretty please can you vote for us for People choice, we are bottom of the page

Cass is up against stiff competition from government and lottery funded shorts, to professional studio entries ..whereas ours was more or less created with bent paper clips and left over bus fare.  Just keep your look machines switched on! If you spot the short anywhere while you’re out going about your busy business – let us know! We’d love to hear about it!  The final 12 films will now be watched and judged by a celebrity-filled panel including, amongst others, award-winning stage and film actor and Artistic Director of the Old Vic Theatre, Kevin Spacey, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, one of the country’s finest comedy actors Stephen Mangan, and British director, best known for her award-winning films Bhaji on the Beach, Bend It Like Beckham, and Bride & Prejudice, Gurinder Chadha.

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