The start of Reason or Romanza Super8 video

tumblr_inline_ni8ndvekcf1qbxwj4It’s a sparkly new year so time for a sparkly new project (actually time to get round to a project that’s been gestating for about four months due to a crazy workload).

Last week we stop motion paper folded our cranes, butterflies and frogs for footage that will result in the latest Reason or Romanza music video. At LN HQ we are excited to get into the thick of it again I think, and we’ve primed the super8 camera for some lush live-action shooting this coming weekend with the assistance of Greg Kitten.

Also on the LN whiteboard is Blink a script originally written for Northern Film and Media Stingers short Film Competition. We have story-boarded and the animatic is done just taking are time to find the right visual style.

Loving the sunshine, my veggie patch seeds growing green and a new slat of LN projects for 2008.

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