Interduvet Yarns music video finished

tumblr_inline_ni8ng36zsr1qbxwj4This was a project we embarked upon after wide eyes in awe at the Ambient Weather and Sound Machine AWSoM, on a sunny day at Shoplands festival, followed by smiles at the Mediashed for Telephasis, when it rained cats and dogs and we thought of the idea, happy in the rain. We have much respect for the ingenious AWSoM project the brain child of Stuart Bowditch, Damien Robinson &, so when Stuart asked if we wanted to animate anything from his hybernation album we couldn’t say no. The track was chosen for its rhythmic pace and because we loved the lyrical poem voiced and written by Jo Overfield from Sundown Multimedia.

The girl, who surprisingly remains unnamed, is a clay model (which I happily constructed while watching Tvlinks in the summer holidays R.I.P.) and the video itself uses stop motion with 3D computer compositing. We are hoping Stuart will be as happy as we are with the video.

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