Lush review of What Cassandra Saw

Karen Penman and Liam Brazier are the creators of Littlenobody which officially became a collective in March of this year. I first noticed their music video Thou Shalt Always Kill when I previewed the weekend’s BAF 07. It was most professionally done. I was therefore impressed to discover it was produced by a fledgling studio. Also surprising is the diversity of work produced in a short period of time. What Cassandra Saw is their first animated short intended as a showcase – they work in animation, visuals, graphic and web design. In fact the link is to the first episode of three and most fascinating it is too. Look at the screenshot above and note the odd shadow: surely that’s a cat! Karen plays the lead character in a “lullaby” about shadow. We are given dictionary definitions and the narrator explains the organisation that governs shadows, in particular the Triplets running the Departments of Making, Mending and Resizing. Lately, we are told, mishaps have been happening. All this takes place in the dark hours when the young woman climbs into bed and has a strangely fragmented night’s sleep. It’s not surprising. Strange occurrences unbeknown to we humans occur. This is largely animated. The screenshot shows one such event as shadows are carried along a conveyor belt, labelled, shaken, I don’t know what. It’s all very mysterious. Sometimes the combination of live action and animation jars. This is decidedly not the case here. Filters, excellent lighting, interesting camera angles and stop motion techniques, together with animated twinkling effects lead naturally into the interspersed animated sections. Their website is developing apace and belies its short life. What Cassandra Saw is to be screened at The Northern Lights Film Festival on Friday 7 December and Saturday 8 December. I’m intending to review another of their animations at the weekend, this time entirely animated. It certainly drew an enthusiastic response from my class this morning.

Courtsey of Ian Lumsden via his amazing Animation Blog

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