BAF07 Offical Selection review

tumblr_inline_ni8n45vpnx1qbxwj4The lovely Ian Lumsden with his amazing animation blog, reviewed those in competition for the Bradford Animation Festival 07 Music video section.

Karen Penman & Liam Brazier’s animation for Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip is described in the festival programme as controversial and I suppose the lyrics rather than the visuals are. Personally I liked the music very much with its diatribe (or maybe manifesto) for contemporary commandments. There are far more than a mere 10 commandments delivered in very much tongue in cheek fashion, a mixture of genuinely relevant imperatives and the extravagant. Karen and Liam create a graffitti wall full of the detritus of today’s society.  It’s very urban  Courtsey of Ian Lumsden via his amazing Animation Blog

Jonas Odell – The Hours
Stephane Berla’s – Neige
Brendan Cook – Hearts a Mess
Assaf Benharroch and Idan Vardi’s – Every Day

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