Accept into Interfilm Berlin Festival

Most exciting of all is that we are in competition with one of our Heroes
Michel Gondry, this has made us smile wide.  The 23rd International Short Film Festival, a veritable meeting place for the international  short film and video scenes, anticipates experts on films, Berliners and guests from all around the world. With a selection of 550 short films, more than ever before, chosen from a total of 3,800 submissions from 88 countries and worldwide research efforts, interfilm presents 66 programs (or 115 shows) that display current developments in international short film creation. Most of the productions were made in Germany, England, France, South Korea and Australia.

Six competition programs and 40 other special programs will feature exceptional short films, both narrative and experimental, in the form of animations or music clips, children’s films and documentaries. Awards valued at a total of 45,000 € will be distributed to the competition winners. “We are expecting more national and international visitors than ever this year, and are looking forward to welcoming them to Berlin’s second-largest international film festival. May all audience members and guests enjoy an entertaining, thoughtful, communicative and inspiring festival!” Heinz Hermanns Festival Director.

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