Selected for Zebra Poetry Film Festival

tumblr_inline_ni8nakmh0o1qbxwj4A new genre is on the up and up – poetry establishing itself in the world of film.  The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival has become established as the largest forum for the international poetry film and offers film-makers from all over the world the opportunity to exchange ideas and consolidate a basis for future work. It is taking place this year from the 9th to the 12th October 2008 and is a project by the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin together with Interfilm Berlin. A programme commission made up of representatives from film and poetry will select the competition entrants from among the submissions. An international jury will decide who the winners of the 4th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival and the total of 10,000 euros in prizes will be.  This was a project we embarked upon after wide eyes in awe at the Ambient Weather and Sound Machine AWSoM, on a sunny day at Shoplands festival, followed by smiles at the Mediashed for Telephasis, when it rained cats and dogs and we thought of the idea, happy in the rain. The tune is by Stuart Bowditch (Hybernation) and entitled Interduvet Yarns with poetry written and voiced by Jo Overfield who runs Sundown – The poetry Link.

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