SHOPLANDS rocked hard

tumblr_inline_ni8mxd8ozb1qbxwj4On 6th and 7th July we will be screening are showcase including Thou Shalt Always Kill, LN showreel, Not everything is black and white and I heart and I hate. We will be projecting visuals for DJ Wes Cliff on Friday night 9.35 till 10.05 and will be screening shorts and visuals thorough out the Saturday on the Red Brick stage, check out for more details. The SUNDOWN crew will also be performing at 12.30 on the saturday.

Things we loved about shoplands – Gold production wrist bands – the lavender on the ladder – three projectors – The dragon – giving out safety pin promo – tiny dog – The amibent weather sound machine AWSoM – The British bull terrier – Doughnuts – Bulmer Cider – DJ Wes Cliff – The red Brick barn – LFS and Mr Mike and Amy and their warm welcomes – The ten man tent – Jack’s Pink lighter – sandwiches – The miniature train – My sleepyhead dedication from Chris – making my own pin badges – The Mediashed – video sniffin – make your own replace money with imagination keeps – The little girl with her lost blue balloon – sour chewits – Dancing to the breakcore – Roots drunken text – the kokonut sign
Pans labyrinth

        And, like most of us, she left behind traces of her time on earth.
Visable only to those that know where to look

And lastly my DIY i heart littlenobody vest that once my hoodies zipped reads – i heart nob, *shrug* at times i’m an idiot

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